About Me - Julie Chapa Fine Art Photography

I grew up in Fife Lake, Michigan and graduated from Central Michigan University.I have been working as a Medical Technologist for 36 years and currently work in Texas City, Texas. Photography has been a hobby for me through out my career and I made the switch to digital about 10 years ago and love it.

I take pictures of anything that catches my eye but, I am partial to wildlife and landscapes. Early morning is my favorite time to photograph when the lighting is soft and the world is just waking up.

I am basically self taught and continue my learning through online tutorials, podcasts, and by participating in workshops and photo excursions. I pretty much immerse myself in everything photographic which my poor husband must endure. He is a trooper though and assists me by carrying heavy equipment and holding the diffuser just right. He also has a good eye for art and helps with the selection process.I belong to the Texas Photographic Society and recently joined the Galveston Art League where my pictures can be seen at their gallery in beautiful historic Galveston, 2117a Postoffice Street.

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